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Best Psychiatrists in Nellore $year | Mental Health

Psychiatrists in Nellore are physicians specialized in psychiatry. Mental health doctors in Nellore are specialized in the diagnosis, prevention and treating mental disorders. Unlike psychologists, a psychiatric doctor in Nellore is a medical doctor. Psychiatric doctor in Nellore must evaluate the patient to identify whether his/her symptom is the result of physical illness. This means that a mental health specialist in Nellore should address both physical and mental ailments. Some good psychiatrist are like Dr Ashok G, Dr C K Andal. As a part of clinical assessment Psychiatrists in Nellore conducts both mental status examination and physical examinations. Here you can find psychiatric hospitals in Nellore. Psychiatrics specialist in Nellore might recommend tests like CT, MRI, PET scan and blood examination. These tests are suggested by these specialists in Nellore for diagnosing the condition of a patient.

Mental Health Services in Nellore

Psychiatrists in Nellore might recommend medicines and in some cases, they might also opt for psychotherapy. There are many psychiatric hospitals in Nellore to address all the mental health needs of patients. In addition, some mental health doctors in Nellore also practice separately in their clinic. Many doctors of Nellore in this field practice in sub-specialties like sleep medicine, pain management, and geriatric psychiatry. There are other sub-specializations practiced under psychiatrics in Nellore to meet the specific needs of patients. When selecting the best psychiatric doctor in Nellore, utmost care should be taken by patients.

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