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Best Ophthalmologists in Guntur $year | Eye Specialist

Ophthalmologists in Guntur are commonly called as eye doctors. An ophthalmology specialist in Guntur is different from that of an optometrist. Yes, the former can carry out medicine and surgery in eyes, while the latter cannot. An optometrist in Guntur can just read eyeglass prescriptions and can prescribe glasses as well. Eye Specialists in Guntur can deal with the anatomy, physiology, and diseases related to eyes. The diseases that can be diagnosed and treated by Ophthalmologists in Guntur in eyes are wider. For instance, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and blindness are the common problems treated by eye doctors in Guntur. Some good eye specialist are like Dr Mastan Rao B, Dr Nagasri D.v.c. Here you can find opthalmology hospitals in Guntur. Eye specialist in Guntur recommend that for good eye health green and leafy vegetables such as spinach should be present in your diet.

Eye Specialists in Guntur

Ophthalmologists in Guntur can address problems in adults, while doctors specialized in pediatric ophthalmology can address children. A pediatric ophthalmology in Guntur can rightly understand the problem faced by kids in eyes. He can provide the right and safe treatment; can ensure better vision for kids in Guntur. When eyeglasses are to be changed, an individual can visit an optometrist in Guntur. But, when there are some problems in vision, an ophthalmologist in Guntur should be met. Cataract is the most common surgical procedures conducted by most Eye Specialists in Guntur. An eye specialist in Guntur can provide the right tips for taking effective care of eyes.

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