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Best Neurologists in Assam $year | Neuro Doctors

Neurologists in Assam are doctors specialized in handling the issues associated with nerves. The significant tests recommended by a neuro doctor in Assam are lumbar puncture and MRI Scan. Neurology doctors in Assam recommend computed axial tomography and EEG for diagnosing issues with nerves. The most common issue addressed by Pediatric Neurologists in Assam is attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Children with these issues are different from other kids in Assam. So, their pediatricians recommend a visit to Pediatric Neurologists in Assam. The name of good neuro doctors are like Dr. Ajit Kumar Baruah, Dr. Anees Ahmed. Here you can find neurology hospitals in Assam. A neuro physician in Assam can address health issues like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and seizures. Neurologists in Assam also study problems like stroke, dementia, neuropathy, and radiculopathy.

Pediatric Neurologists in Assam

Neurologists in Assam specialized in dealing with the nervous system in children are called as pediatric neurologists. They can address problems with both central and peripheral nervous system in Assam. During the physical examination of a patient with neurological issues, neurology doctors in Assam test the sensation. These specialists in Assam also evaluate the reflexes, coordination, and strength of a patient. These examinations by a neurologist doctor in Assam will help him make the right diagnosis. He will judge whether the problem lies in the nervous system or the clinical localization. Further tests might be recommended by neurology doctors in Assam to confirm the diagnosis before treatment.

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