Best Nephrologists in Gujarat, Top Kidney Specialists $year

Best Nephrologists in Gujarat $year | Kidney Specialist

Nephrologists in Gujarat are also called as renal physicians and kidney specialists. Yes, a kidney doctor in Gujarat addresses diseases and conditions that affect the kidneys. These specialists in Gujarat study the normal functioning of kidneys and problemswith this organ. The name of some good renal specialist are like Dr Devang H Shah, Dr Janak D Desai. A renal specialist in Gujarat provides treatments like renal replacement therapy and medicines. In Gujarat, the renal replacement therapy is a broader term that includes dialysis and kidney transplantation. The significant tests prescribed by nephrology doctors in Gujarat are urine analysis and renal biopsy. Here you can find nephrology hospitals in Gujarat. The significant diseases addressed by nephrologists in Gujarat include renal cancer, renal failure, and hypertension. A renal specialist in Gujarat studies systemic conditions that affect kidneys like diabetes and autoimmune disorders.

Kidney Specialists in Gujarat

Nephrologists in Gujarat also study the problems that occur due to kidney problems. Some of these problems include hypertension and renal osteodystrophy. A kidney doctor in Gujarat will diagnose problems with these organs with the results of urine analysis. According to specialist in Gujarat this analysis include percentage of protein in the urine, pus cells in urine, cancer cells in urine, etc. Kidney Specialists in Gujarat might recommend blood tests to evaluate the concentration of substances in the blood.

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