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Best Immunologists in Karnataka $year | Immunology Doctors

Immunologists in Karnataka are doctors or scientists specialized in the field of immunology. An immunology doctor in Karnataka practices under a broad branch of biological sciences. This branch of medicine in Karnataka is defined as the study of the immune system. These doctors in Karnataka are aware that all multicellular organisms are prey to infections. Not just humans, immunologists in Karnataka study the immune system of all living organisms. An immunology specialists in {place) can address problems like hypersensitivity, immune disorders, and immunodeficiency. Some good immunologist are like DR Janardhana Prabhu. Immunology doctors in Karnataka chart and measure the physiological functioning of immune system both in health and disease. These doctors in Karnataka use the components of the immune system and this is called immunotherapy. Here you can find immunology hospitals in Karnataka. To treat cancers in kids, a pediatric immunologist in Karnataka will use immunotherapy.

Immunology Doctors in Karnataka

Immunologists in Karnataka practice under different branches of immunology like diagnostic, cancer, reproductive and theoretical immunology. In addition, these doctors in Karnataka also practice under classical, clinical and developmental immunology. The significant disease that is treated by an immunologist in Karnataka is the autoimmune disorder. The significant tests prescribed by a pediatric immunologist in Karnataka are serology, immunoprecipitation, immunoassay, and agglutination. The guidance of an immunologist in Karnataka is needed in different branches of medicine. Some of them include organ transplantation, dermatology, psychiatry, parasitology, bacteriology, virology, and oncology.

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